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zsSaturday morning outing and shopping spree at approx 2.30pm, unpacked the shopping bags and before we could count to ten it was 3.30.

Peter and Nikki Nupen were the first to arrive, loaded with their cooler box and breathless from all the steps upto the second floor followed in quick sucession by Mike Walwyn, with his bottle of wine in hand.

Then came Richard Sharland also with a bottle of wine in tow followed by Hugh and Nita Houghton-Hawksley, a past teacher now semi-retired in Durbanville. A short while later, a new Old Boy, Keith Markotter and Sandy arrived. Drinks were poured and conversation flowed back and forth.

Memories were brought back to the present day of our smoking escapades, picnic outings, exeats, sporting accomplishments, bush life and academic achievements.

Soon it was time to light the braai fire and get down to the serious business of braaing the meat, checking it was done to a T. So we left the ladies upstairs at the apartment and us men sauntered off downstairs to do the cooking, soon one of the ladies ventured downstairs to see why we menfolk were taking so long.

Unfortunately, the fire had died down quicker than we expected and were having to replenish it several times with charcoal to build up the heat, thus causing a delay whilst we consumed and gossiped through a few more glassfuls of wine. Eventually our mission was accomplished and off we traipsed back up the stairs to join the ladies and begin our dinner.

Now the frenzied eating began midst thirsty gulps of good old Cape wine and a few good stories of some treasured moments.

My thanks to the Old Boys who made it to the occasion. It's a pity that some other Old Boys couldn't make it to the reunion, especially as I had come along way and gone to quite a lot of time and effort to ensure they had been catered for!

Thanks also to Hugh Hawksley for his kind words in thanking me for taking the effort of setting up the Reunion and for keeping the Old Boys in touch with one another.

Mike Walwyn also made the offer of hosting the next reunion at his residence in Pinelands. Thanks Mike for your kind offer, we will take it up at the next opportunity.



  Hugh Hawksley & Speey Morris take a breather!  
  Nita & Hugh Hawksley - This is what...  
Keith Markotter, Danny Nupen & Mike Walwyn reflectingf. Danny Nupen, Mike Walwyn & Hugh Hawksley - paying attention.
  Richard Sharland & Mike Walwyn - listening carefully  
  Mike Walwyn & Hugh Hawksley - Just for the record  
  Nita Hawksley, Nikki Nupen & Brenda Morris - with a little photographer's poetic licence  

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