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Welcome to the Porter's Lodge Robert, the College Porter, who used to organise our 'smokes' from Balla Balla village, either by collaring Isaac, the bus driver on one of his many errands or arranging with one of the dining hall staff like Gideon or Caiphas, who happened to be passing by the Porter's Lodge on their bicycles en route to the village.


This huge granite outcrop dominates the scene at the village of Balla Balla, Rhodesia and was a landmark for anyone driving from any direction. Officially known as Balloon Kop it is more commonly called "Baldy". A favourite spot for local youngsters, especially the students of Saint Stephen's College, to go clambering and picnicking. I recall seeing many a sunrise on New Year's day from the surveyors beacon that stands atop the dome. Courtesy of Gordon Poultney, son of Rita Poultney, former teacher at Saints, and brother of David Poultney, former pupil at Saints.


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